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Heart to Heart

The market was busy during the summer with people of all ages searching for treasures. I remember sitting and designing heartpasses from the clay, while many people dropped to ask about the process. One bright eyed girl with smiling eyes was carefully looking over the hearts. She found one she loved and decided it had found a new home. We chatted about the hearts and shared some dreams.

We both shared a dream of meeting Ellen Degeneres exchanging childlike giggles at the thought. I gave her a heart and told her when that day came for her, she could give Ellen a heartpass from me. Then she sat at my table and created a heartpass of her very own. I gave it to her mother and told her how to to place it in her oven to harden.

The time Emma and I shared was magical. She surprised me later by bringing me a gift. She had picked out two pair of earrings with hearts in the middle; one orange set for me and a purple set for her ears. Because she had so much fun creating the hearts she told me she wanted to thank me by leaving a gift of heart. I was so touched by her generosity and so proud to have met Emma on that Sunday. She is a reminder of all the earthly angels that live amongst us everyday making a huge difference in our world!

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