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Kentucky Bound

This was an email I received from a woman who was heading to Kentucky for a reunion. She passed this heartpass on before she left on her trip.

KIT-214-2015 New Glasgow, NS ----- Pictou, NS (March 17, 2015) Message: I was quite impressed when I met Bonnie this afternoon. Her story gave me goose bumps. I have purchased 4 of Bonnie's hearts and within the hour I passed the first heart on. I am travelling to Kentucky tomorrow evening after being gone for 18 years. I left with extreme sadness, grief, despair and the feelings of failure. Life has a way of slapping you in the face and when you are at your most lonely part of your life; joy appears! I met up with my high school friend, we married and now have three healthy and happy teenage boys. I am very fortunate to have been so very sad and unhappy. It lead me back to my soul mate and life partner. So when the opportunity for a reunion came up I was excited to go. As the days came closer the more fearful I become. Do I want to go back and witness the pain I left? Fate has a way of telling you not to go. Today my boss was unable to accommodate my entire vacation and I would have to cancel my trip....without hesitation one of the ladies sitting at the table spoke up, rearranged her life and has now made it possible for me to go. SO I leave Thursday morning for my reunion Thanks in part to Wendy. Of course I INSTANTLY gave her the heart and a hug to go with it! I wonder where my next three hearts will land?? I know at least two will be given during my stay in Kentucky.

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