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Message Through the Eyes of Nature

Yesterday, while driving to Pictou Lodge, I was also asking the universe to send me a message as to whether I was doing what I was meant to do with my hearts. I've been creating heartpasses for almost 7 years and they are a part of me as breathing. I have had many hopes and dreams around the small clay hearts but somehow I have always stood in my own way.

As I drove into the lodge, I saw a deer standing at the side of the road. I stopped the car to attempt to take a picture of this beautiful creation of the universe. In the distance, behind this deer were two others. I was immediately reminded of the day my mum passed.

I had just returned home to get some lunch and across the road standing in my neighbor's yard were 3 deer. My friend Alexis, who I was talking to on the phone, immediately told me to head straight back to the hospital. I did just that and shortly after I arrived my mum, who was there with my brother Howie and sister-in-law Cathy, took her final breath on earth.

I believe those three deer sent me a message then and the three I saw yesterday were sending me a message now. The only picture I was able to get was the one you see but I was later told that was because the picture connecting with the deer looking me in my eyes, was a message only for me!

Shortly after I arrived at the Lodge, a woman came to me for 40 heartpasses to share with the people she works with at the Colchester East Hants Hospital in the Stroke Wing. Of course I gave her an extra one because I was so grateful to her for spreading the message I first received from my mum!

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