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The Power of Three

Last year, these three hearts were created for Debbie Lamey MacDonald to go with three of her paintings. I put them in a safe place until I had a change to meet with Debbie. The place was so so so safe I couldn't find them. I then created three more for Debbie and figured the original three were lost forever

This weekend, while I was at the Rising Phoenix-Mind and Body Rejuvenation Retreat at the Pictou Lodge, I was emptying a suitcase I had emptied a hundred times before. To my surprise, out came of the suitcase came a bag with the three lost heartpasses. To say I was shocked would be a bit of an understatement.

These little heartpasses were finality ready for a new home so I collected the names of all the people who had come to my table during the weekend and someone chose three people to receive the heartpasses. I can't wait to hear about their special future journeys.

The name of the weekend for me quickly turned into the Power of Three. Three deer, three heartpasses at the three day retreat! I so love how the universe works.

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