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Heart Ring Inspires Heart Sharing

One Friday night, I decided to go into Charm Jewelers to look for a new chain to go with my Celtic heart charm. A few weeks before I had been visiting a friend with an excited puppy so my chain ended up in two pieces.

It was very busy at Charm Jewelers with people looking for Valentine's Day gifts so I decided to look around at the diamond rings. I came across a ring made up of hearts and I was immediately drawn to its beauty.

Just then, a woman who worked at Charm came over to assist me with my visit to the store. I told her how taken I was with the heart ring because of my history with making heartpasses from polymer clay. Then she told me she had received a heart from a friend the day before. I showed her one of my hearts and she knew by the packaging her own had been created by my hands. What a small world. It always amazes me when I hear stories of the hearts and of the connections made with people I have never met. Stories of inspiration are born!

I asked the woman her name and she told me it was Jennifer. Then she allowed me to take this picture of her and add it to this story! I love it when I get a chance to see where my hearts have travelled!

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