Memories in My Hand

Where the Heart Goes was born in 2009, during the year I was looking after my mother. Without her the small clay hearts would not exist. When I made a decision to care for Mum in her final months, I knew there would be blessings to share. What I didn't comprehend then was how far those blessings would travel.

During September of 2009, I met a couple from England, whose named were Sharon and Stephen, cousins of my now sister-in-law Caroline (long blonde hair in the pic). They were such a friendly couple and so full of life. When Caroline gave her a heartpass to take back with her to Kent, England, she was overjoyed. This was long before I had started to number each heart and follow its path. Just last week I was surprised to hear from Sharon again. I would like to share what she wrote.

Hi Bonnie,

Caroline is my cousin and I came over to see her in September of 2009. As children we spent a lot of time together and I really missed her when they moved to Canada. You don't realise how much you miss something or someone till they are not there anymore. Even though Caroline and I hadn't seen each other for over 25 years, within a very short time it was like we had never been apart.

She gave me one of your hearts to treasure. I remember her introducing me to you as you had a lovely black dress on. The heart is something that I have loved dearly as it brings back some lovely memories of my time with Caroline. I miss her so much but when I see the heart it makes me smile. I would often just hold my heart tight in my hand and remind myself of the moment I saw Caroline again; so many memories in my hand. Kindness does start in the heart.

I have now passed my heartpass on to my daughter-in-law who gave birth to our first granddaughter on boxing day.

Thank You,

Sharon Rose

As I said above, Sharon Rose received one of the early heartpasses containing no number or email address. I am so grateful to her for contacting me and telling me the joy she received when holding on to her heart; how it kept the magic of friendship and family alive. It reminds me of the love I shared with my mum. Truly, the spirit of love lives on forever and travels the distance of people who allow their hearts to embrace.

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