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A Mother's Love

Welcome to Where the Heart Goes. If you are reading this post then I am excited this new website has reached your eyes. It has been over five years since this journey began and it would not even exist without Jeanne Cotter Ferguson, my Mum! I am including a picture of Mum's hands holding the heart I crafted for her when she was in the Halifax hospital in August of 2008.

As sons and daughters, everyone of us has a connection to one another. We are all born to live a life of inspiration in our own way. There are times when I look at my life and wonder what have I done to make the world a better place in which to live. I have not always been the best financial saver and have worked many jobs to bring in money for my home and my son. Times have been rough but I can honestly say every moment was full of love. I like to say I am perfectly imperfect and that is ok as long as I keep trying and spread heart along my travels. My mother did just that and my life and my son's is richer for having her as our guide.

It is my hope this website will be one you choose to come back to from time to time to read about acts of kindness and share your own individual stories. We each hold the key and have the power to shape the evolution of our world!

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