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To Write or Not to Write

Last week, while on my travels to the local mall, I was in search of a particular book written by Gary Zukav called Spiritual Partnership. I was so disappointed to find out Cole's Book Store didn't have any in stock. No I was beyond disappointed in that moment; feeling as though I was supposed to be there buying Gary's words. Even after the clerk told me they were all sold out, I stood around thinking that my being there would will it into existance.

I suddenly found myself in front of the journal section looking at all the different types with an assortment of bindings. I was taken with one in particular as seen in the picture accompanying this blog. It was made in Italy, beautifully embossed, leather bound and tied with a bead tie. Now this was only one of the many types of journals but I couldn't take my eyes of it. Have you ever seen something that you just had to have? Well this is how I felt about this journal. I couldn't understand why I was feeling this way but I decided at that moment I couldn't leave Cole's without this treasure in my hands. Then I remembered something from many years ago when I had my cards read by a woman who told me there was a book inside me to write.

Was there something special inside me aching to make its ways onto the lines of the pages before me? In that moment, I truly believed and now the journal belongs to me to capture my thoughts and dreams.

Just remember to listen to those feelings that suddenly come to surface. They are signs of your heart and soul talking to you from within.

Enjoy your day and remember to talk a little time to pass on kindness!

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