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Thanksgiving Pass

HUGNOW-99-2014 Westville, NS to Stellarton, NS

October, 2014 - I had a chance to meet Gary, Marianne and their dog Stella when I was invited to my brother Howie's house for Thanksgiving Dinner. I had met Gary years ago when Howie lived in British Columbia but hadn't seen him for since those early days. Now, he and his wife Marianne were travelling across Canada and back down through the United States. Marianne was helping with supper when I arrived at my brother's house and had already made the gravey which was usually my job (lol). She did a wonderful job and supper with the family and friends was awesome!

Now let me tell you about you a little more about this couple. They have a way about them that makes everyone who is in their presence feel connected and in the moment with them. Before I left the house I went into my purse to get one of my heartpasses for them to take on their journey. They both loved the heartpass and immediately asked me if I had more. I had 12 more at home and gave them to them to take along on their journey. I know they are having a wonderful trip and passing on heartpasses as they travel. Marianne and Gary are the true definition of HEART people!

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