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Stranger Inspires Kindness

Bentley Shopping Transformed Into a Cool Kindness Story

HUGNOW-127-2014 Westville, NS to New Glasgow, NS (A stranger with an huge heart)

November 1st, 2014 - On a Saturday trip to the local mall looking to find a change purse, I came across a story of kindness that I wanted to share with you. I had been looking for a small change purse to carry in a cool, over the shoulder mini-purse I like to carry with me. Now one thing people should know about me is I do not love carrying the normal kind of purses. Usually I head out with my wallet in my hands when I am shopping but then I have to put my purse down so I can look at things. I found myself a great little yellow mini-purse that I can wear around my neck and so I was in Bentley to find a small cardholder to place inside. As I went to ring in my purchases (Yes, I found a few other things too) the woman waiting on me put them in a nice black Bentley's shopping bag. She told me they usually sold the bags for a small fee but a frequent custome had been in and bought a bunch of the shopping bags to give to people who would come in at a later time to shop for their treasures. I thought that was so kind and considerate of this customer I had never met. Because of her generosity, I was leaving with my purchases in a cool black cloth bag. I took a trip to my car to get one of my heartpasses and returned to ask to have it put out back until the next time the kind customer returned. Sometimes we forget how the smallest act of kindness can make our day brighter so thank you to a strenger for the reminder.

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