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Hearts Sing a Tune of Connection

October, 2014

HUGNOW-99-2014 Westville, NS --- Stellarton, NS --- New Brunswick ---Vermont, USA

(Marianne and Gary continued on their trip and found themselves in a little restaurant in New Brunswick where they met a group of travellers all going in different directions. This was one of the stories shared with me via email.)

"I was given my heartpass a couple of weeks ago and I am on a long road trip with my husband. We were 4 couples that didn’t know each other in a small restaurant conversing like we were old friends ending up sharing whatever our passions were and they were all random acts of kindness. I think the person who gave it to us was maybe your brother if I heard him correctly. We were touched by the gift. We had given them one of my husbands CD’s. He is an amazing songwriter. I have an alter on my dashboard while we are traveling and I put the heart on that alter. What a world when our hearts stay open. Your project just helps people open their hearts in such a beautiful way."

"I ended up giving my heart to our friend in Vermont knowing I just had to wait a week until I would have a new one in my hands. JB Henry will very much will be a good heart holder. It is interesting to learn what happens to them." Kathleen and Michael Capella

You can find out more about Michael's music below. He also co-writes with Jaclyn Steel. or

Update Nov 9 from JB Henry:

This is one heart that is very easy to pay forward. Beautiful story. And I am very proud to be a part of it, thank you Kathleen. We miss you and Michael. I have passed my heart on to a friend that needs it right now. Thank you for starting HUGNOW.

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