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Fleur's Music Plays On ...

Fleur Mainville left our community this week but she will be with us in spirit forever. My mother, Jeanne Cotter Ferguson first inspired me to pass on the gift of kindness in 2009 and knowing Fleur reminded me to continue giving my best to the world.

I feel blessed to have known Fleur and promise to continue spreading her message of kindness and hope along my journey. Never did I meet Fleur when I wasn't greeted with a smile and a hug. She always had a way of making everyone she met feel special becaue she was with you in the moment. I believe that is why you left Fleur with a smile on your face after being in her presence. I can't imagine what her family members must be feeling but know each have been transformed by having been loved by her. There is another Angel in heaven watching over us now with kindness beaming from her smile, and music flowing from her heart!

Fleur brought flowers to our world to her family and her friends. Forever she lives deep within us to rise and share her love again. Her voice so full of laughter her smile lively and so bright. Her heart will always sing from Heaven, with a touch of fiddling delight!

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