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Believe the Good

In our world, we are bombarded by images on the news, in the newspaper and on the computer of the things we are doing to each other; many of which people may not see as positive. I'm not sure why some of the Good-Hearted stories are not always shared but truly beleive it is getting better.

For years, I taught job-re-entry programs and as an instructor always talked about being assestive rather than passive or agresssive. Assertiveness is getting a person's needs met without being agressive or allowing someone to walk over you. Personally I think that is the more positive approach and in today's society we are in need of more positive messages.

While we live in a society where images are the focus it is important to realize that those are often created with an end and an agenda in mind. Let's be assertive in our words and watch our actions inspire others to grow!

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