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Monetary Versus Momentary

Christmas is fast approaching and I wanted to share a thought. While this is a magical time of year for many it can also be a lonely time for others. There are some who do not have family close or who have been disconnected in some way. There are others who do not have enough money to buy gifts for the people they love. We live in a world that sometimes overlooks the little things we do for each other and focuses on what we can give monetarily to our family and friends. Yet we each know that the monetary gifts are only momentary. What lasts is the kindness and patience we show to one another everyday. We all have a magical heart full of love, compassion and forgiveness. Please remember the magic you hold by being kind to the people you love and the strangers you meet. The spirit of the season is inside each of us so let's spread it each day throughout our year and everywhere we travel!

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