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Christmas Kindness Reach 2014

Tonight I just finished watching my first Christmas movie of the Christmas Season called Northpole. As always I ended up with tears in my eyes and a feeling of love in my heart. I remember why I like watching Christmas movies every year; because they awaken the little girl inside of me.

So often we get caught up in the commercialism of the season. We have to search for the perfect gifts for one another or the perfect decorations to make our houses stand out in the neighbourhood. When I think back over the years it is not the gifts I remember. It is the moments I spent with family and friends eating Christmas dinner and sharing laughter.

I have decided to give away 12 hearts to 12 unknowing people. I am asking for your help. I want YOU to share stories of kind people you know or have met. Then I will pick 12 and send them a heartpass. Please help me say thank you and spread Christmas Magic this season! You can either email me with your story or contact me on Facebook at the addresses below:

Keep Kindness Traveling!

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