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Kindness at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem

On April 21st, 2011 I went into our local fabric store looking for materials to help buff and polish my hearts. Pam, who has worked there for quite a while, told me she gave the heartpass I had given her, to her mother-in-law who then sent it to someone in England. It eventually came back to her mother-in-law who took it with her on vacation where she ended up in Jerusalem. While she was visiting the Wailing Wall she gave it to another woman there. When I think of all the heartpasses I have given away, I wonder what paths they have travelled and how many people they have connected.

If you have a heartpass with a number on the back of the package, please go to the Email Us page and send us the number and location of your heartpass. I would love to hear how you came upon the little heart so I can share its story. Keep visiting the site and keep an eye on Where the Heart Goes!

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