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Be the Change

This morning I watched a movie called Son of God depicting the life of Jesus Christ from his birth until after his crucifixion. It is not the first movie I've seen of Christ's life. I remember being a young teenager in school and going to Jesus Christ Superstar for the first time. On the drive home I quietly cried, saddened by what I have witnessed. I actually bought the movie and watched it many times in my youth. Perhaps it was the music that captivated this young mind. I am not sure but know I've always been drawn to the story of Christ.

As I watched this morning there were once again tears in my eyes. I couldn't believe the violence experienced by the people of that time. It was extremely brutal and harsh. It made me think of today's world and the violence we see everyday in the prorgrams we watch, the computer games we play and the news broadcasted every night. I couldn't help but wonder if we have truly grown since those early years.

So what do we do as people living in a world often plaqued by violent behavior? I can't speak for anyone by myself. I know what to do for me. l will live everyday doing my best to bring heart and kindness to the people I meet. The only person I can change is myself and hope that others make a similar commitment. We each have gifts to share with our world. So share your own gift and help create more loving communities. Mahatma Gandhi said it best when he said, "Be the Change you wish to see in the world!"

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