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Check out the unique story of how Care came to be the inspiration for Heartpasses born in 2009 and how it continues to transform lives.

Find out where the Heartpasses have travelled while listening to a song that will make you HAPPY!

Take some time to let us know where your heartpass is travelling and how it makes people Smile on its travels. Share your unique stories of kindness. 

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Beautiful by India Arie


Hey, if you want to check out some comments send by the heartgivers, check out my Where the Heart Goes Facebook page where I am able to add comments from those of you who register their heartpasses. You can click on the Facebook icon on the top right hand corner of this page. Take care everyone and Take a Little Time to be Kind!

The Heart  Lady


Where the Heart Goes, Love will follow

Where the Heart Goes, Love will lead

Carry Kindness in your Pocket

Pass it on through your kind deeds

Welcome to Where the Heart Goes. You will see songs on four of this website's pages because I want you to be able to listen to some tunes while you visit! 


I would also like to include stories about where the heartpasses have travelled but would like you to know I will keep your names private unless you give me permission to share. It is important to keep everyone safe on their travels.


If you would like to connect with me, you can email me at bonita@wheretheheartgoes.com. 


Keep Kindness Travelling,


The Heart  Lady


Heartpass for President Barack Obama

This is a picture of a heartpass I created for President Barack Obama for when he was in Halifax on Wednesday, November 13, 2019. While I wasn't able to get this special heartpass to Barack Obama on that date, know I will not give up.  I have added  a video in hopes he will see it and contact me. The reason this is so important to me is because I started creating heartpasses right around the time he was elected into office. I remember my Mum and I watching the Inauguration and how excited she was that day. Se told me then the last time she remembered being that excited about a new president was when JF Kennedy  was elected in 1961. My mum passed a few months later. I will always cherish that moment with her and will continue trying to get this heartpass to Barack Obama.  Even though it may seem like an impossible quest, I've come to know nothing is impossible when guided by a pure heart! Please help make my dream come true!


Dream for the Future!

Another Goal Where the heart Goes has is the be able to drive all across  Canada and the USA spreading the message, Take Time 2 Be Kind. There are wonderful people doing incredible gestures of kindness all around us. Although it is not always what we see when we turn on the television, it is what truly is happening in our world. Kindheart would like to showcase these acts of kindness, inspiring more to grow! 

Heartpasses Out in the World Spreading Kindness!

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