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The time for kindness and spreading goodwill is more important than ever before. Hugs to everyone and always remember to "Take Time 2 Be Kind ❤️!"

The Heart  Lady

Welcome to Where the Heart Goes. 


I've included stories about where the heartpasses have travelled around the world, but would like you to know, I will keep your names private, unless you give me permission to share. It is important to keep everyone safe on their travels.


The best email address to send a message nitahart77@hotmail.ca. if you would like to connect. 


Keep Kindness Travelling,


The Heart  Lady



Where the Heart Goes, Love will follow.

Where the Heart Goes, Love will lead.

Carry Kindness in your Pocket,

Pass it on to those you meet!

Hope Tree

Christmas Hope Tree.jpg

A while back I bought this little tree at a going out of business sale. I was going to use it for my kindness hearts but during Christmas of 2020, I had a different idea. I called it my Christmas "Hope" Tree and asked people to take a few minutes to make a special wish for 2021, for themselves or someone they love. Because of what each of us had been going through since March of 2020, it was even more important than ever before to make special heartfelt wishes to help make this world a more caring place to live. 

In 2022, it is still important to pass kindness to one another. We all need your hearts, one at a time, to reach each other and help heal our world!

Heartpasses Out in the World Spreading Kindness!

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