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Sharing the Light of kindness opens our heart bigger and allows more light to grow from within! Come back from time to time and read our Blogs on the Just-A-Blogging Page. We will get to know about each other and in turn pass on stories of love and kindness which will inspire a rippling effect. I have always believed people inspire people, through their kind acts and heartfelt words. So let's begin a conversation of Inspiration and watch it grow. We all have the power to change our world one heart at a time! Bonita

In the Beginning

September, 2008

On the front of each heartpass card, you will see a special graphic. Because my mum was the inspiration, I decided to take a picture of her hands holding the first heart I made for her when she was in the hospital. I then turned that picture into a heart and placed it on each card. While her hands may have been weak and feeble, they represent the strength of a mother`s love! This picture tells the story, for in her hands my heart is held now and forever!

It was a few months after mum moved in with me when I started making the heartpasses. I had left my career as an instructor with the WEE Society in the Colchester region to look after mum. Because I was used to being on the road everyday, I found it challenging to be at home. I began working with polymer clay making jewelry as a passtime and soon began making clay hearts.  My mum would soften the clay which kept her hands flexible and strong. 


The first heartpass handcrafted was for a woman named Jessie, who ran a hair-styling salon called the Cat’s Meow.  After a hair trim, I realized I had forgotten my wallet. Jessie told me not to worry about it; that it was her gift. I left her salon wondering what I could do to thank her for her generosity. I decided to make a small heart for Jessie. Adding a small card, I called it a heartpass and after giving it to her I asked her to one day pass it on to a person who extended kindness to her. 

Later that day I was in another business in our town discussing the heart with its owner. She said she wondered where the heart would go. Immediately I thought that is the name I will write on the cards. And that is when the name of Where the Heart Goes was born.

In the beginning, heartpasses were intended to be passed on to people who were kind to both my mother and me. Mum always asked to soften the clay and I was grateful because every heart contained a part of her and of me. Every week we had countless caregivers who came to the house to help care for Mum. It was great to be able to pass on our gratitude and in turn inspire others to do the same. 


A Hand in Time

August, 2008


The first heart I ever created was one for my mother when she was in the hospital before she came to live with me. She was in Halifax in Intensive Care and we weren't sure she would be coming home again. I sat one night with a piece of red polymer clay, crafting a heart for my Mum. It is the red heart you see in this picture being held by my Mum's hands. I made the picture into a heart so I would always be reminded of the love we shared. For hours, I sat with the clay in my hands, shaping it into that first heart. Truth be known, there are a few tears captured in the clay. I eventually finished the heart and gave it to my Mum in the hospital. A month later the whole family was grateful to have her come home. It was at that time she came to live with me and transformed my life forever!


Ah Ha Moment!

August, 2015


There is another element to the story I feel important to share. I guess you could call it my "Ah Ha" moment; when I knew my hearts were my gift to pass on. It all began in January of 2009. I remember clearly because my mum and I were watching Oprah's post-election show of President Obama's Inauguration, where Oprah had a panel of guest celebrities including Jon Bon Jovi. He said something on that show that changed my life forever. He talked about building houses for people and how fulfilling it was. He then mentioned that not everyone can build a house but everyone can do something to make the world a better place in which to live. I knew my heartpasses where my something and since that day I have never looked back.

To end, I would like to tell you about my website. A stranger whom I had only talked to online encouraged me to get a web address. I had shared the joy with him, I was feeling when passing on the little clay hearts and he loved the idea so much he offered to create a website for me. Talk about kindness among strangers. I will forever be grateful for that advice and for his generosity. Now in the fall of 2015, I have re-designed my own website and continue to monitor it every day. Full circle moment! 


I hope one day to be able to place a heartless in the hands of President Barrack Obama, because it was during his inauguration that my mum and I shared such an incredible connection that I will remember forever!

SO in the words of Jon Bon Jovi, find the little thing you can do to make this earth a kinder, more loving world and then simply, "Do it!"

Be Kind to One Another

I think our individual stories are so unique and special. When you share a piece of yourself with others, it grows and multiplies. Is life that simple? I have come to know it is! There is no greater gift than kindness, for it is always accompanied by Light which changes our world, one heart at a time!


Ellen Degeneres reminds us about this at the end of her show when she says, "Be Kind to One Another!" I am sure many of you believe this as much as I do. This is the greatest gift we can share with each other. Thank you Ellen for reminding us everyday!

"Take Time To Be Kind!"

Around the World Heart to Heart

Continuing a Cycle of Kindness

Since January of 2009, I have been creating heartpasses and some of the locations they have travelled are shown on the map to the right. It always amazings me to see where the heartpasses are in the world. Little did my Mum and I know how far our love for one another would spread.


When I think back, I know none of this would exist if not for the eight months I spent with Mum at the end of her life on Earth wth us. The love we share with our family carries us far beyond this moment in time! They say the Internet is forever but I have come to find it is Love that lasts forever. Nothing can take the place of two hearts caring for one another. Special thanks to my mother for the greatest gift I've ever been blessed to receive!

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